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Deirdre Vreugdenhil






GIS Environmental Scientist

Place of Birth:

Tanguiéta, Benin

Year of Birth:    


Nationality:   Dutch, American
Permanent contact WICE contact data 

deirdrev @

437 E.  600 S.


Salt Lake City, UT 84111

1- 801 -662 - 0230

Key Qualifications:

    Deirdre McClarin graduated in March 2003 from Wageningen University with a MSc in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a continuation from her BSc degree in Environmental Science. She has gained 13 years of experience in various areas of the GIS discipline ranging from fieldwork to network solutions. Growing up traveling and working for the family company World Institute for Conservation and Environment (WICE), she has gained international practice in the field of conservation and technologies. She has contributed to the World Bank Mapping project of the UNESCO Ecosystems Maps of Central America, and she worked for the Dutch National Mapping Agency, where she advised on conversion options, network and software solutions from CAD to GIS for the production process of the Dutch topographic database. Contracting experience as a freelance consultant has developed ancillary skills such as GIS training, ISA Arborist certification, landscape design and management, and software development & translation cycle testing. Her recent employment with the local State Government of the CNMI has fostered a solid understanding of procurement and regulatory processes for project execution and environmental management.

Computer qualifications:


15 years of advanced computer skills in word processing, RDBM, and statistical analysis.


10 years of experiences with CAD software; AutoCAD-12, AutoCAD ’98, and MicroStation ’95.


 13 years of experience with GIS software; ESRI products, ERDAS-Imagine, Idrisi, and ILWIS.

 Extensive knowledge of GPS and field data methodology is obtained throughout her education and

 work experience; Garmen, Trimble, and Ashtech products.


Academic Qualifications:


MSc in GIS, graduated in 2003 from Wageningen University and Biotechnological Research Institute, the Netherlands.


BSc in Environmental Science, graduated in 2001 from Shepherd University, WV.


Graduated from McLean High School, McLean, VA in 1995.

Language Abilities:

Language Abilities

Language Speech Writing Reading
English Excellent  Excellent Excellent
Spanish Good Int./good Excellent
German Good Int./good Excellent
Dutch Excellent  Excellent Excellent

Employment Record:

Curent Self Employed: GIS technician/researcher; A PBIF effort to populate the Pacific Protected Areas Database (PPAD) of the pacific Basin (


ERT, Inc.: GIS technician; A NOAA funded GIS capacity building position housed at the Coastal Resource management Office in Saipan, CNMI (


Assistant to the director, and research World Institute for Conservation and Environment (Shepherdstown, WV – Permanent member of WICE, participation upon availability


Database developer/manager and GIS project coordinator for green/open space infrastructure and tree monitoring and maintenance inventories (self-employed).


Freelance translation services and Software Quality Assurance testing (self-employed).


Researcher CAD to GIS conversion at the Topographical and Cadastral Survey of the Dutch National Mapping Agency (


Ecosystems mapping with Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Nicaragua (MARENA) (Managua, Nicaragua -

Detailed Tasks Assigned:


WICE: GIS technician; A PBIF effort to populate the Pacific Protected Areas Database (PPAD) of the pacific Basin ( The PPAD will serve the region by providing a data resource tailored to the needs of Pacific Island countries. At the same time it will serve the global community by providing access to data and information on protected areas in the region.


Coastal Resource management Office (CRM) Office, GIS technician; A NOAA funded GIS capacity building position housed at the Coastal Resource management Office in Saipan, CNMI ( Duties included the development and management of the GIS database and coastal resource data such as water resources, forest and land use, pollution, marine, permitting and enforcement tracking database. Collaboration with Emergency Management Office to assist with the enhancement of the GIS infrastructure for the entire CNM. Inter-agency coordinating efforts included on-going development of data, metadata, user liability and data protection rights, infrastructure, training, consultation to CAD and GIS users, and the development of an IMS site. The GIS coordinating efforts have provided an organized database for all CNMI agencies, improved data flow, and enhance data utilization for the growing GIS-user based professionals. In-house Agency tasks included grant writing contributions, reporting, and GIS budget allocation needs and procurements.



WICE, Director’s assistant and researcher; Travel and Logistics, library/Documentation administration (routing & filing), and multi-lingual client/partner communications and assistance, take appointment and suspense calendars, document review and editing (such as project proposals, contracts, and technical reports). Research projects include marine and fresh water fish populations distributions, ecosystem mapping, biodiversity conservation strategies, national park monitoring, and biodiversity and protected area monitoring systems. Educational courses have been composed for the biodiversity monitoring system (in MS Access), and ecosystem mapping and protected areas monitoring (using ILWIS GIS software). WICE has contracted and partnered with Fundaçao ó Boticario (FUNBIO), Wildlife International, TNC, the World Bank, and OAS. Please visit the WICE website for detailed project history:



Van Metre Company, VA. Project manager and production personnel for the publication of a tree maintenance geo-database; The Fairfax square property of the Van Metre Company, located in the city of Fairfax, is a 35 acre apartment and townhouse complex. A comprehensive tree inventory was developed according the International Society of Arborist procedures, and was published with a comprehensive RFP package, including cost estimates, RFP documentation, and several formats to view the inventory (Publisher and MS Access).



Boxwood Winery, VA. Project Manager, production, and training of a detailed vineyard inventory database; Boxwood Winery is a 100-acres vineyard located in Middleburg, Va. An automated approach for tracking vineyard production was initiated subsequent to map production. ArcView was implemented for use for mapping and building a vineyard database. The project included training for the vineyard management team.



Franklin Farm Foundation, VA. Project manager for the publication of a maintenance geodatabase for open space management; Franklin farm is an 850-acre community for which a complete tree inventory and open space assessment was developed. A planting bed streetscape design was later included in the published geodatabase, and corresponding RFP’s were created for the installation bidding process.



Bryarton, VA and Parkview, VA. Project manager for the development of beautification and tree inventory geo-database; Data collection of tree inventory and major landscape components were inventoried and published in a geo-database for maintenance use and landscape design purposes. The Landscape designs included all material specifications for the installation, maintenance procedures, and detailed RFPs for bidding purposes.



WeLocalize, Fredrick, MD; Translation services and Software Quality Assurance testing. Translation and Quality Assurance testing of various software products. Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and defect and test case management tools are skills obtained working with software translation, localization, and general software cycle testing.



Kingstowne Residential Homeowners Corporation, Kingstowne, VA.   Project Manager for a green space and landscape inventory and analysis;  Kingstowne is 1200-acre community that periodically contracts mapping project with Renoscapes, Inc. Map layouts have been prepared for public use maps, design purposes for the community coordinators, open space, tree inspections, and the irrigation infrastructure. All maps are published in a collective geo-database for maintenance use. Technical training for Access and ArcView were provided.



Army Navy Country Club, Fairfax, Va. Project manager for the irrigation system mapping project;  Data collection, post-processing and publication of a geodatabase of the irrigation and utility infrastructure were performed for maintenance purposes.



Arlington County, Va. Fieldwork manager for public tree inventory collection;  This countywide project was implemented to inventory and map all public trees growing in the right of ways. Data collection in the field was the primary task of Renoscapes, Inc. Data is available from the county arborist.



Burke Community Centre (BCC)(Burke, VA).  Project manager for the development of a trail and park infrastructure geo-database; Base map development for BCC open-space management. Field data collection of the open-space infrastructure component as well as data correction and editing was performed.  Currently the base map is used for infrastructure maintenance, and is currently expanded with a tree inventory and vegetation coverage that is to be completed in 2005.



Advisor to the Dutch National Mapping Agency, Topografische Dienst Nederland; Performed research for the development of an advance production process of the 1:10000 scale topographic data collection. The production environment, Microstation ’95, was to be extended to produce a GIS product. CAD and GIS interoperable solutions were explored to provide a new technical production environment for the Dutch NMA (  


World Bank Ecosystem Mapping Project, assigned to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Nicaragua (MARENA);  A mapping effort to map ecosystems for the entire Central Americas based on the UNESCO classification, financed by the World Bank and coordinated by the UN, was monitored on a national scale in Nicaragua. Image interpretation and digitizing of ecosystems was performed as well as fieldwork for the reconnaissance. Use of Arc View and GPS units were incorporated. Data is available from:



World Bank Ecosystem Mapping Project: Digitization of the Ecosystem Map of Costa Rica in the context of the World Bank Ecosystem mapping project. Digitization was done from hard-copy interpreted images, using ILWIS for digitization.


List of Supplemental Activities: 


·                     Presented at PACGEO, Honolulu.                                                         October 2006

·                     Forestry Spatial Analysis Project (SAP) Summit, Denver, Co.             April 2007

·                     Presented at 21st Pacific Science Congress, Okinawa, JP.                      June 2007

·                     ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, Ca                                    June 2007

                      SAG award and poster presentation

·                     US Forest Service, Pacific Island Conference                                           February 2008


 Workshop and Exercises

·                     Area Maritime Security TTX, Coast Guard, Saipan.                                        Sept 2006

·                     Presented at Climate Variability and change workshop, Saipan.                    April 2006

·                     Maritime Security Conference, JTF, Saipan.                                                  January 2007

·                     Airport Disaster Mobile Training team Initial Capabilities Seminar – JTF          April 2007

·                     CNMI Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (T&EPW) – HSEEP           May 2007

·                     Natural Disaster & Mass Care TTX, HSEEP                                         July 2007 


 Training and Certifications

·                     ArcIMS training, NOAA, Honolulu.                                                         Feb 2006

·                     NIMS / ICS Certified, level 100, 200, 700, and 800.                                  March 2006

·                     Introduction to ArcIMS, ESRI course.                                                            March 2006

·                     ArcIMS administration, ESRI course.                                                            March 2006

·                     Learning Org workshop, Honolulu.                                                         October 2006

·                     Instructor for  GIS introduction course, Saipan                               November 2006

·                     Introduction to ArcGIS I & II, ESRI course                                         June 2007

·                     Instructor for ‘GIS Analysis for Coastal Applications’ course, Saipan.           August 2007

                      Storm water design training, Saipan.                                                           October 2007






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