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(Daan) Herman Daniël Vreugdenhil BSc Ing

Curriculum vitae

(Daan) Herman Daniël Vreugdenhil BSc Ing.

BSc Wildlife-management, experience in Arctic fieldwork

  Emmalaan 21, 6571 AK Berg en Dal

Tel:       06- 13679502


Date of birth:    Groningen, 6/4/83

Nationality:       Dutch

Martial Status: Single        


2002 – 2006    Van Hall Instituut, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

BSc Animal Management with specialisation on

Wildlife Management & Water Management

·         Modules studied include: Wildlife Management; Water chain management Soil, Water and Vegetation Systems; Breeding & Population Management; International Wildlife Law & Policy; Ecotourism; Communication Policies & Techniques; Statistical research methods; Animal Ecology & Ethology;  Biology; Chemistry; Statistics; English Language; German Language.  

·         Completed five research topics

-     (2006) ‘Decreasing mammal predation on meadow birds with the use of a scent mark’. Work involved 5 months of fieldwork, data processing. The analysis of the data is carried out with the use of the Mayfield method to check the daily survival of nests in 4 different test plots.

-     (2005-2006)‘Eco-hydrological system analysis on the Empese and Tondense heide’ An hydrological analysis of two heath land nature reserves of the  Private Dutch Nature Trust, These areas are eutrophicated, and desiccated. The study involved hydrological, soil and vegetation management alternatives to establish new management goals, and installing water measurement tubes. The study involved a 2 months fieldwork with a range of hydrological fieldwork methods, data processing, analysing and giving an oral presentation for scientific audience.

-     (2005)Applied research project to study how to increase biodiversity in heath lands using different grazing regimes with sheep.  Work included a 4 months literature research, interviews, and organising a brainstorming workshop for professionals. The study was carried out for the Private Dutch Nature Trust on the Veluwe.

-     (2004) ‘Conflict between the high quality food and a safe area for the Barnacle goose in the Archipelago of Svalbard’. Work included 2 months of field work in Svalbard. Development of a range of field work techniques including vegetation measurements and behaviour observations.

-     (2003) Animal care internship at the Biological Centre of Groningen University.  Work included 1 month of care and management on both laboratory and wild animals (e.g. cut the hand feathers of geese) as well as some ethology field work on gulls.

1997 - 2001                            High school specialisation Nature and Health on the  Montessori College Nijmegen, The Netherlands

·         Subjects studied involved: Dutch; English; German; Mathematics; Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Economics; Natural Sciences

1996 -1997                              Junior high school Sint Jorisschool Nijmegen, The Netherlands 

Languages, and additional skills

















·         Hold a full, clean EU driving licence.


·         In 1997 He received a certificate of blind typing with 136 hits per minute. In 2002 he did courses on Word, advanced Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In 2003 He took Access and Dbase, and three different SPSS statistics courses. In 2005 a GIS IDRISI and ARCGIS.


July 2006-2005.  Research Associate. Arctic Centre, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

·         Three times Svalbard for he was asked to join the team in again in 2005 and 2006.

·         Responsible for maintenance and running of Arctic Research Station, Svalbard.

·         Investigating Barnacle Geese population dynamics and effects on vegetation.

·         Daily ring reading, bird counts and vegetation measurements.

·         Catching, handling and ringing Barnacle Geese and Kittiwakes

·         Investigating Arctic Tern nest survival.

·         Data processing and analysis.

·         General breeding bird census.

·         Working in the lab with bloodsamples

2004- 2005 Part-time employee for the promotion and education team of the van Hall Instituut.

·         Inform high school pupils about the Van Hall Instituut.

·         Advise pupils with the best advise.

·         Managing the promotion team, doing paperwork and plan high school educations.

2003- Present,  Inventory & voluntary  work

·         Reptiles and amphibians survey on the Veluwe for the national Reptiles and Amphibian Trust, Ravon. 

·         Actively involved with SOVON (Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology). Conducted numerous breeding bird censuses, point transect counts and migration counts.

·         Part time work for Das en Boom, a recovery centre for wounded Badgers (Meles meles). Hands-on experience in handling wild animals.

2001- Present,  Additional activities

·         One year study tour to study protected areas and natural management in Australia and New Zealand.

·         Visiting different bird symposia like the  SOVON day, bird of prey day, and different meadow bird symposia

·         Nature management symposia about ecoducts, large ungulates and heathland vegetation and management.

·         Public defenses for PhD thesis of Ton Stumpel on reptiles and amphibians in nature management and Daan Vreugdenhil Sr.  Representativeness of nature area’s and efficiency in protected areas systems, Wageningen, the Netherlands


·         Bird watching

·         Travelling, backpacking and camping

·         Play and listen music


Dr. M.J.J.E Loonen. University of Groningen, Arctic Centre. P.O. Box 14, NL-9750 AA Haren, The Netherlands. Telephone 050- 3632072. Research Project Supervisor & Manager.

Mr. M. Bosch, Natuurmonumenten Zuidwest Veluwe Planken Wambuisweg 1a 6718 SM Ede, The Netherlands. Telephone 026-4822219. Protected areas manager

Dr. A. Jansen Postbox, 9001, 6880 GB Velp, Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein The Netherlands, Telephone 026- 3695718. Lector Hydrology.

Mr. B. Van Wijk, Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein, agora 1 8901BV Leeuwarden, the Netherlands,  Telephone 058-2846100. Professor Wildlife management

















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