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Scott C. McClarin



Scott C. McClarin, BSc.


Resource Management / GIS

Date of Birth:

February 5, 1971


USA  (Creek, Native American)

Mailing Address: 437 E. 600 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84111    
Phone  1 801 662-0230
E-Mail: mcclaringis  at


Key Qualifications

Scott McClarin is a graduate from Shepherd University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Management since May of 2005. Scott has gained much of his experience in various areas of resource management, environmental science and the GIS discipline for the last 7 years ranging from fieldwork, analysis, 2-D and 3-D modeling, and creation of specialized geographic database solutions. During those years Scott has gained a wealth of experience working on a wide range of projects with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the World Institute for Conservation and Environment, and with various government agencies of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).


2008 HAZWOPER 40-hour initial training Certification
2002 - 2006 Shepherd University: Bachelor’s of Science, Resource Management
2004 - 2005 National Conservation Training Center, GIS training
2002  -2004 WICE: ILWIS training, ERDAS training
1985 - 1989 Clearfield High school, UT

Computer skills    GIS Skills
MS Suite ESRI products (3.0-9.2 + extensions)
Adobe Acrobat, Distiller, Photoshop, Illustrator ERDAS Imagine
Digital Photography Trimble GPS units and software
Advanced Research Garmin GPS (DNR extensions)
LizardTech (Mr.Sid compression)


List of Employment:


Allied Pacific Environmental Consulting, Inc (APEC); Project manager, environmental consultant, and GIS technician.


US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) – National Conservation and Training Center (NCTC); Assistant Instructor for GIS (ESRI) & GPS courses.


National Park Service (NPS); GIS technician for view shed analysis, image processing, Elevation terrain modeling, and high resolution digitizing.


World Institute for Conservation and Environment (WICE); office and research assistant (


SLC Custom Constructions; Construction Manager for Custom housing renovations.

Detailed work experience:

2005 - 2008

APEC: Perform Phase I Environmental site assessments (ESA) AAI for 3 separate commercial sites on Saipan. Duties included regulations research, document review, field logging, interviewing property owners, coordinate with Historic Preservation Office and Department of public lands for historic site specific information, sending FOIA requests to involved agencies and property owners, GPS locating areas of interest and areas of concern for report, perform business surveys, CAD transformations and georectification, reprojection of CAD, satellite, and aerial imagery when necessary, site figure creation, data management, report drafting, printing and binding, and delivery with digital data.



APEC: Analyzing, modeling, and producing figures of fuel contaminated soils caused by the B2 bomber crash on the flight line of Andersen AFB in Guam while working with multiple contractors including Toltest inc. and military personnel at Andersen Air force base. Tasks included round the clock GPS/GIS administration and field technical support, data entry QA/QC, drafting and finalizing all report figures, as well as conducting a statistical GIS analysis performed on test results of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) readings from a field test kit to yield a concentration gradient model. All work was performed at moment’s notice under a high priority deadline and all information was considered protected and semi-classified.


2007 -

APEC: Water Task Force (WTF) Well Optimization Project; Tasks included Writing core Proposal, customizing the project to suit client goals, conductivity profiling of prioritized wells, plotting GPS coordinates and creating subsurface conductivity gradient, GIS database creation and analysis of four different well field areas creating models based on field acquired data, work with hydro-geologists to analyze salinity and contamination trends of spatially correlated areas and draft reports based on conferences, and present progress reports and final findings for WTF management team.



APEC: Phase I-Environmental Site Assessment of four Brownfield lots on Saipan for the CNMI Department of Public lands (DPL); Tasks included researching Federal regulations on ESA phase I site assessment regulations, site investigations with GPS to note Areas of Concern and adjacent business locations, building an ESA database, historical information data mining and processing, map figure production, and final document editing.


2007 - 2008

APEC: Environmental Compliance consultation services to CNMI Commonwealth Ports Authority (CPA); work as a liaison between US EPA Region 9, CNMI DEQ, and CNMI Common Wealth Ports Authority. Duties included monitoring and producing recommendations on hazardous materials handling for CPA maintenance, maintenance and repair of the CPA incinerator, and assist CPA to maintain compliance of CPA staff and equipment under EPA Region 9 air pollution and hazardous materials handling guidelines.


2007 - 2008

APEC: Emergency Management Office (EMO) Standard State Mitigation Plan (SSMP) and Enhanced State Mitigation (ESMP) Projects; Duties included research, drafting, preparation of bid proposal and contract revisions, Reviewing the SSMP and ESMP manuals, visiting and interviewing all CNMI government entities, develop emergency support infrastructure matrixes according to SSMP guidelines, GIS research and analysis performed to create multi hazard assessment map figures for final documents. The time frame for this project was 3 months due to FEMA deadlines; a typical SSMP total project time is 1 year. The CNMI SSMP passed FEMA’s approval process and we proceeded to the ESMP project as a result.



APEC: EMO Tier II hazardous chemicals project; Duties involved research on the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), reviewing proposal documentation and editing, Coordinate with stakeholders for a local Emergency Response planning committee (LERPC) for Saipan Tinian and Rota. Assist the State Emergency Response Commission meeting (SERC) on Saipan that discussed cataloging facilities and inventories of hazardous substances on all sites from all three islands (Saipan, Tinian, and Rota). Conduct acquisition of Site plans and the hazardous materials contained on various properties. All inventoried data was then entered into the CAMEO database and plotted in Marplot, in preparation of final report and deliverables.



APEC: Sub Surface Intertidal Freshwater Seeps Investigation Project under contract with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Duties included researching previous work, Database design and implementation that involved linking field acquired measurements and lab samples to GPS locations, edit and manage database and perform GIS analysis, draft and review final report, and produce GIS data deliverables.


2004 - 2005

US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS): The National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) GIS and GPS textbook Instructors assistant; Tasks included teaching and assisting students in the NCTC Introduction to GIS course and GPS courses, and review new textbooks editions for GIS software upgrades. This position also included research of the Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima (P. Mill) Swingle) and its temporal and dynamic invasion rates along the Appalachian Trail


2004 National Park Service (NPS): Appalachian Trail (AT) Office GIS analyst. Duties involved researching and processing raw satellite data into band stacked images (using ERDAS), advisor for view shed analysis of the AT trail. Additional duties involved on screen digitizing of the entire Appalachian trail at a 1:2000 scale using carrier phase 3D GPS data provided by Dr Vernon Verneer.



Jefferson County: Deer Population Assessment and feasibility study; Integrated analysis of deer land use with Sat imagery land use classifications and field observations (GPS locations) of White Tailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus) in northeastern Jefferson County. The goal was to determine the land type favored by white tailed deer during the length of the study, and recommend land use changes for deer management.



NPS: Olympic National Park Heritage film production; Duties included GIS data acquisition, compilation, and geographic reprojection of Historic wildfire maps and digital terrain modeling data for use in the NPS film, Mosaic of Diversity on Olympic National park heritage.  Scott’s efforts are listed in the credits of this film at the Olympic National Park’s daily showing of this film to national park visitors.



NPS: Zion National Park Big Horn sheep Lambing habitat view shed analysis project; A view shed assessment to determine isolation parameters of the 238 sheep according to their respective bedding locations and preferred grazing flora studied during and after lambing season.



Jefferson County Commission: The greenways assessment project; An integrated assessment of green space corridor for wildlife as valued by the local community for creating green space linked by easy access personal public transportation routes (modeled after the Florida Greenways project).



World Institute for Conservation and Environment (WICE): Tasks included administration, filing and database development for Avian biodiversity monitoring, acquisition and maintenance of hardware and software including Erdas Imagine.



SLC Custom Constructions (SLCCC): Construction Manager; Duty was to oversee construction of custom projects for housing renovation firm in Salt Lake City. Tasks included ordering supplies, organizing work flow, and interpreting design drawings to ground crew, as well as hands on construction and detail fabrication, framing, drywall installation and finishing, painting prep and finishing, cabinet hanging, door hanging, door framing, window installation, insulation, trim and finish wood work, tile and rock installation, and landscape design and installation.









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